Tyson Library celebrated their 2022 Bookmark Contest winners Thursday evening (March 31, 2022) with a reception at the Tyson Activity Center. Our winners and their families gathered to receive their certificates, copies of their designs now in bookmark form, and enjoy some delicious treats provided by Jen and Jules Custom Cookies.

The winning bookmark designs will not only be on display at the Library, but will also serve as the library’s official bookmarks for the year with copies of each available for patrons to choose from.

TYSON LIBRARY PHOTO – March 31, 2022

This year’s winners are: Blaine Brown, kindergarten; Cooper Seabolt, kindergarten; Rose Sharp, kindergarten; Sydney Finney, first grade; Lillian Perry, first grade; Ada Janicki, first grade; Bristol Landwehr, third grade; Alexander Brown, second grade; Khloe Miller, third grade; Anna Schmaltz, fourth grade; Chelsea Baumgartner, fifth grade; Zoe McGuire, fifth grade; Ellery Libby, ninth grade (not pictured); Destinee Kissell, eighth grade; Alysia Janicki, seventh grade; Rayden Piepmeyer, twelfth grade; Shy-Ann Holmes, tenth grade; and Bree Walston, eleventh grade.

Click here to view all of Tyson Library’s official bookmarks for 2022.

TYSON LIBRARY PHOTO – March 31, 2022: Preschool and kindergarten winners, from left: Rose Sharp, Cooper Seabolt, and Blaine Brown
TYSON LIBRARY PHOTO – March 31, 2022: First grade winners, from left: Ada Janicki, Lillian Perry, and Sydney Finney
TYSON LIBRARY PHOTO – March 31, 2022: Second and third grade winners, from left: Khloe Miller, Alexander Brown, and Bristol Landwehr
TYSON LIBRARY PHOTO – March 31, 2022: Fourth through sixth grade winners, from left: Zoe McGuire, Chelsea Baumgartner, and Anna Schmaltz
TYSON LIBRARY PHOTO – March 31, 2022: Seventh through twelfth grade winners, from left: Bree Walston, Alysia Janicki, Destinee Kissell, Rayden Piepmeyer, Shy-Ann Holmes, and Ellery Libby (not pictured)