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Tyson Library welcomes our young area residents to join our “1000 Books Before Kindergarten” program. This free program is easy to start and can actually be completed much faster than it may seem at first. Reading just one book a day gets you 365 in one year, after all. And, you can repeat books!

We have tracking sheets available for pick up at our check out desk, or you can download them from the links below. Each time you complete a book just color in one train car, or place a stamp or sticker there. 

Each time your child reaches a new milestone, you can bring them and their tracking sheet in to get a certificate, sticker, and a prize. Above the entrance to our children’s area, you’ll see a giant train showing the progress of our young readers currently in the program. Your child will be added when they complete their first milestone (100 books), and can see themselves move closer to their 1,000-book goal each time they visit Tyson Library. 

Look at our little conductors go!

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