Auto-Renewals at the Tyson Library!


Tyson Library is now an Auto-Renewal Library!

Evergreen Indiana has introduced Auto-Renewals! What does this mean for Tyson Library patrons?

Items will be renewed automatically on their due date. If you’ve given us your email address, you’ll be notified when your items are successfully renewed. If you would like to give us your email address for notifications, please call the library!

PLEASE NOTE: There are circumstances for items not eligible for Auto-Renewals! Items not eligible for Auto-Renewal will have a Hold for another patron OR the maximum amount of item renewals has been met.

Be sure to read your emails carefully! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the library at 812-689-5894.

For a whole list of items and dates due please log in to your account here.



Tyson Library held their annual Bookmark Contest for area students again this year with almost 60 people attending.  Library staff and teen council selected the winning bookmarks and the winners in each category were invited to a reception held in their honor at the Tyson Activity Center on Thursday evening, April 8.  Tyson Library would like to thank all those who participated in the contest with a special thank you to everyone who encouraged their students to participate. There were approximately 100 total entries this year.  Congratulations to the following students for designing the winning bookmarks for 2021.  These bookmarks will be on display at the library and are available for patrons to pick up.

Preschool winners – Olivia May, Davie Oney, & Aubrey Gentile

Kindergarten/1st grade winners–William Kelly, Quinn Smart, Eli Sturgeon

2nd/3rd grade winners–Anna Schmaltz, Kallie Riley, & Ahlanie Grossman

4th – 6th grade winners–Gracie Sturgeon, Addison Seabolt, & Emma Justus

7th – 9th grade winners–Grace Pettit, Kaysha Walker, & Ellie Lauber

10th –12th grade winners–Rayden Piepmeyer, Katie Mitchell, & Rory Heffelmire

We would like to thank all that entered as there were so many wonderful entries this year.  Congratulations to all our winners!


Now Accepting Pandemic Recipe Submissions

Please complete this form to submit a recipe that you’ve used, made up, or frequented during the 2020 year of the pandemic. This recipe will be shared with the Tyson Library community! All participants will be able to pick up a booklet of recipes once finished.
We are accepting applications from April 12th, 2021 – May 29th, 2021. Please only submit one recipe. Thank You!

If the above form is not working properly, Click here to be routed to our form.


Local Artist Showcase Now Accepting Applications

The Tyson Library Local Artist Showcase is a chance for selected artists to get to
showcase their work in the Tyson Library for a four-month period.

To be eligible to participate, you should be a local to the Southeast Indiana or the
Cincinnati Area and have 4 original works framed (No bigger than 11″ X 17″) and
ready to hang, during your showcase OR if you have a physical object, it cannot
exceed (10 lb, 7 inches wide X 1 ft tall).

All artists interested in participating must complete and submit the application no
later than Friday, June 30th, 2021. Paper applications can be returned in person or
mailed to the library. Participants wishing to submit electronically can find a link on
our website: . Though we will accept as many artists as possible, due to limited space, we cannot guarantee acceptance. All correspondence
will happen through email. You can expect an answer by July 16th, 2021. There will be 3 showcases per year and dependent on space availability of local artists works’, will depend on how many artists are accepted each showcase. Applications will be accepted for all ages and all applications will be voted on unanimously for a fair voting process.

Printable form can be downloaded here:


Tales from Tyson Library!

Summer is just around the corner and we are winding down our winter and spring programs and we are gearing up for the Summer programs. We hope to keep you updated in our programs and events for this summer! We are so excited to release (in the very near future) our events for the summer.

We are having our Bookmark winners reception soon and will announce winners in the Newspaper, Facebook, and Website! Stay tuned for the list of winners!

The library has FIVE children this round that has read 1,000 books before kindergarten! We are SO EXCITED to have more children complete 1,000 books before kindergarten and participate in Early Childhood Literacy initiatives for our county!

Library staff have made great strives in updating and maintaining the library. You might notice our big evergreen trees out front are gone, (Due to the overall health of the trees, we had to take them down). When you step inside, you may notice that our children’s room is brightly painted and has NEW graphics on the walls. We are so excited to bring updated features to your library and can’t wait for you to see!

We just launched a NEW program for Local Artists and hope you check it out here:

We also just launched a new program series (Spice Club) and we hope for you to check it out here:

The library staff members are very fortunate for our community members and we hope to see you in the near future! Stay tuned for an update on our Summer programs and events!


-Sarah Bush

Cataloger, Community Relations, and Adult Program Coordinator


2021 Bookmark Contest Now Open!

Please click the bookmark entry form above to find the printable form OR stop by the library during business hours to get your copy!

Any child preschool through grade 12 can submit an original drawing about Tyson Library, books, or the fun and adventure of reading. Winning designs will be printed as the official Tyson Library bookmarks for 2021 and will be used throughout the year beginning National Library Week, April 4-10. Winners will be selected from six age/grade groups to ensure an equal representation of artwork from all age groups.

(1) preschool

(2) grades K-3

(3) grades 2-3

(4) grades 4-6

(5) grades 7-9

(6) grades 10-12

Contest rules:

The bookmark design MUST fit in a space 8 inches by 2 inches (included on printable form).

Drawings can be hand or computer drawn in color or black & white using ink, crayon, paint, or other media. (Note: pencil drawings are often not reproducible, thus not accepted.) Computer graphics may be submitted electronically (, however, an official paper entry form must also be submitted with appropriate name, age, and parental signature. These can be scanned to the above e-mail.

Limit one drawing per person.

Drawings must be received in the library by 6:00 p.m. March 6, 2021. (Entries can be dropped off at the library, attached to an e-mail ( or faxed to 812-689-7401.

Submitted drawings must have the child’s name, grade, and parent’s signature (authorizing the library to use the winning drawing).

Winners of the bookmark contest will be notified prior to March 19, 2021 and the printed bookmarks will be available after April 9, 2021.


Virtual Holiday Cooking Class Recipes

Click on the link’s below to see the recipes for our Virtual Holiday Cooking Class.

Monster Cookies- Video released on 11-20-2020
Pumpkin-Roll- Video released on 11-27-2020
Rum Cake- Video released on 12-4-2020
Christmas Lasagna- Video Released on 12-11-2020
Hawaiian Sandwiches- Video Released on 12-18-2020

2020 Bookmark Contest Winners Announced.

Tyson library held their annual Bookmark contest for area students again this year.  Library staff and teen council selected the winning bookmarks, and the winners in each category were invited to a reception held in their honor out on the front lawn of the library on Thursday evening, July 23.  Tyson library would like to thank all those who participated in the contest, and a special thank you everyone who encouraged their students to participate. There were about 120 total entries this year.  Congratulations to the following students for designing the winning bookmarks for 2020.  These bookmarks will be on display at the library and are available for patrons to pick up.

          Sophia Hurst                preschool

         Hayze Hostetler           grade 1

          Gracie Sturgeon          grade 4

          Anna Schmaltz            grade 3

          Katie Thomas               grade 5

          Gavin Bennett             grade 6

          Elizabeth Rea               grade 9

          Rese Swingle               grade 10

          Rory Heffelmire           grade 11

          Dale Donnelly              grade 12

Congratulations to all our winners!



GREAT NEWS! Tyson Library now has the capability of emailing newsletters out to our patrons! We will be sending out a quarterly newsletter with upcoming programs and events! We have sent an introductory email to all emails we have on file for patrons already (with the option to unsubscribe or opt out).

These newsletters will include up to date information about the library programs, activities, and news. We won’t spam your email account as we will only send one newsletter out every 90 days.*




We have a brand new way to register for programs using our online system!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register for an event.

First click on the “EVENTS CALENDAR” button at the top of the page (see example below).

It will bring you to the current month and show all the events in a calendar form.

If you rather look at them as a list, please click “view as” button in the upper right hand of page. Then select “list”.

To register for a certain event, click on the title of the event and it will take you to the individual event’s page. It will have a registration button under all of the information (see example below).

Enter all information, click “I am not a robot” button, and then click submit. It will tell you if your entry was submitted at the top of the registration page.

If you have questions, please feel free to call us at 812-689-5894 and we will be glad to help!