Tyson Library Resources may be used by anyone registered with the Tyson Library. Review the library card policy to become a registered borrower either as a resident or non-resident. See the loan policy for the rules on borrowing materials.

Behavior Policy is encouraged to maintain an atmosphere that is welcoming and conducive for the use of library resources for learning and recreation. The library’s policy highlights unacceptable behavior.

Public Computers and Wifi/Internet Usage in the library may be used for personal work and searching the Internet. Review the computer use policy for rules governing the use of the Tyson Library computers.

Meeting Rooms are available for public use in accordance with the library policy. To request/reserve a room complete a request form and return it to the library.

Public Library Access Card (PLAC) is a card available to Indiana residents which allows access to any Indiana public library. You may purchase a PLAC card at Tyson Library but note there are a couple basic rules: (1) you must have a valid library card from an Indiana library (for instance Tyson Library) in order to obtain a PLAC card, (2) a PLAC card fee is established by the Indiana State Library, currently the fee is $72.00, (3) a PLAC card is valid for one year from the date of issuance.

Bed Bug Policy –  Any materials returned by patrons that show definitive evidence of bed bugs will result in a patron’s borrowing privileges being temporarily suspended. This suspension will be lifted when the patron can present proof that a licensed pest control company has treated their residence.