TYSON LIBRARY PHOTO – Students choose one bookmark from this year’s contest winners.

Kindergarteners from South Ripley Elementary visited Tyson Library Friday, May 13 to learn more about libraries. The students’ field trip included a tour of the different sections of the library’s collection and resources, a scavenger hunt in the children’s section, a fun storytime, and getting to choose one of the library’s official 2022 bookmarks to use at home. Some of the students have visited the library before, but for others this was their very first visit!

TYON LIBRARY PHOTO – Miss Aly shows a class around the Children’s Area.
TYSON LIBRARY PHOTO – Some of the classes had enough time to participate in a quick scavenger hunt in our children’s collection.

We enjoyed showing the students around our library and are hoping they will stop by and see us again to find some books or to enjoy a free program!

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