Summer is just around the corner and we are winding down our winter and spring programs and we are gearing up for the Summer programs. We hope to keep you updated in our programs and events for this summer! We are so excited to release (in the very near future) our events for the summer.

We are having our Bookmark winners reception soon and will announce winners in the Newspaper, Facebook, and Website! Stay tuned for the list of winners!

The library has FIVE children this round that has read 1,000 books before kindergarten! We are SO EXCITED to have more children complete 1,000 books before kindergarten and participate in Early Childhood Literacy initiatives for our county!

Library staff have made great strives in updating and maintaining the library. You might notice our big evergreen trees out front are gone, (Due to the overall health of the trees, we had to take them down). When you step inside, you may notice that our children’s room is brightly painted and has NEW graphics on the walls. We are so excited to bring updated features to your library and can’t wait for you to see!

We just launched a NEW program for Local Artists and hope you check it out here:

We also just launched a new program series (Spice Club) and we hope for you to check it out here:

The library staff members are very fortunate for our community members and we hope to see you in the near future! Stay tuned for an update on our Summer programs and events!


-Sarah Bush

Cataloger, Community Relations, and Adult Program Coordinator