Tyson Library held their annual Bookmark Contest for area students again this year with almost 60 people attending.  Library staff and teen council selected the winning bookmarks and the winners in each category were invited to a reception held in their honor at the Tyson Activity Center on Thursday evening, April 8.  Tyson Library would like to thank all those who participated in the contest with a special thank you to everyone who encouraged their students to participate. There were approximately 100 total entries this year.  Congratulations to the following students for designing the winning bookmarks for 2021.  These bookmarks will be on display at the library and are available for patrons to pick up.

Preschool winners – Olivia May, Davie Oney, & Aubrey Gentile

Kindergarten/1st grade winners–William Kelly, Quinn Smart, Eli Sturgeon

2nd/3rd grade winners–Anna Schmaltz, Kallie Riley, & Ahlanie Grossman

4th – 6th grade winners–Gracie Sturgeon, Addison Seabolt, & Emma Justus

7th – 9th grade winners–Grace Pettit, Kaysha Walker, & Ellie Lauber

10th –12th grade winners–Rayden Piepmeyer, Katie Mitchell, & Rory Heffelmire

We would like to thank all that entered as there were so many wonderful entries this year.  Congratulations to all our winners!


Local Artist Showcase Now Accepting Applications

The Tyson Library Local Artist Showcase is a chance for selected artists to get to
showcase their work in the Tyson Library for a four-month period.

To be eligible to participate, you should be a local to the Southeast Indiana or the
Cincinnati Area and have 4 original works framed (No bigger than 11″ X 17″) and
ready to hang, during your showcase OR if you have a physical object, it cannot
exceed (10 lb, 7 inches wide X 1 ft tall).

All artists interested in participating must complete and submit the application no
later than Friday, June 30th, 2021. Paper applications can be returned in person or
mailed to the library. Participants wishing to submit electronically can find a link on
our website: . Though we will accept as many artists as possible, due to limited space, we cannot guarantee acceptance. All correspondence
will happen through email. You can expect an answer by July 16th, 2021. There will be 3 showcases per year and dependent on space availability of local artists works’, will depend on how many artists are accepted each showcase. Applications will be accepted for all ages and all applications will be voted on unanimously for a fair voting process.

Printable form can be downloaded here: