It’s time to share how the last of our staff participating in our Read to Your Height Challenge are doing!

Margaret, Director – Goal: 5’3″

Margaret has read 12 books since January 1.

“I am really enjoying this challenge and it is fun to see what other staff members are reading,” Margaret said.

Margaret’s favorite read this year (so far): In Honor’s Defense (Hanger’s Horsemen Series) by Karen Witemeyer, Christian Fiction

“I think I have read all of Karen Witemeyer’s books and this was a favorite series of mine,” said Margaret.

Her least favorite read this year (so far): Forever My Own by Tracie Peterson (Ladies of the Lake Series), Christian Fiction

“…I just didn’t like it as much as the other two in the series,” Margaret said. “There was less action and the main characters were from Sweden and the author included a lot of Swedish words that were hard for me to pronounce – haha!

Margaret has been reading the genres that she enjoys reading, like Historical Christian Fiction. She enjoys this genre because “the time was so much simpler than it is today, and I like learning some historical facts that the authors adds to the books,” Margaret said.

Trey, Circulation – Goal: 6’3″

Trey is leading the pack with 43 books complete so far this year.

“I absolutely love the reading track sheet that we have started here at Tyson Library. I would say that I have probably read more books than normal in the past few years since I’ve been working in a public library,” said Trey. “And, I am very proud that I’ve still got the rest of the year to read more novels.”

Trey’s favorite read this year (so far): Qb: My Life Behind the Spiral by Jeff Benedict and Steve Young, Sports

Trey’s overall goal for the year is to read more than 75 books and to try to read some “controversial” classics. some classic novels that are considered controversial.

“My favorite genre is definitely biographies and memoirs,” Trey said. “I like them because you can learn so much about individuals who were maybe misunderstood by the public or maybe they went through the same struggles you are currently going through in your life.”

If you saw our original post about setting these “reading to our heights” goals in January, we hope you’ll continue to follow along. There isn’t a reward for reaching our goals (other than the self-satisfaction, I suppose), but I think we’re all enjoying the challenge.

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Check out our reading logs in the adult area of our collection the next time you stop in. If you see a title there you’ve been thinking about reading or have already read, we’d love to chat about it!