Tyson Library - Policy for Behavior in the Library


The Board of Trustees and staff of Tyson Library strive to maintain an atmosphere that is welcoming and conducive for the use of library resources for learning and recreation.  Quiet, conversational tones are encouraged throughout the library’s main floor.  Conference rooms are available on the lower level for small and large group meetings.


Library users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which shows respect for the library and others using the library.  Disruptive conduct which prevents others from enjoying the library or which endangers people or property is not allowed.

 Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behaviors under this policy include, but are not limited to: smoking, public intoxication, sleeping, solicitation, carrying a weapon or facsimile of a weapon, indecent exposure, offensive personal hygiene, abusive language, threat of violence, displaying unwanted attention toward another person, engaging in physical games (tag, shouting, screaming), not quieting or removing screaming/crying children, damaging library property (including books and computers), use of cell phone in the library, unacceptable computer use (as detailed in library’s computer use policy), harassment of another customer or staff.  The library provides facilities for discreet breast feeding.


Library staff members may ask library users who are considered disruptive to leave the premises immediately.  Habitual offenders may be banned from library property indefinitely.