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James H. Tyson

Tyson Temple,
United Methodist Church
Versailles, Indiana

James Henry Tyson was born September 14, 1856, the son of William and Eliza Tyson of Versailles.

The early part of James Tyson's life was spent in the printing industry, working in Versailles and Osgood, Indiana.  He eventually travelled beyond his hometown throughout the United States and the world.  In Chicago, Illinois, he met and became friends with Charles Walgreen. This friendship led Mr. Tyson to several positions in the Walgreen Co., including the firm's first bookkeeper and, following its 1916 incorporation, its secretary.  While traveling the world and living in Chicago, Mr. Tyson retained strong feelings for his home town of Versailles.  His donation of 18,000 shares of Walgreen Co. stock, established the Tyson Fund which was to finance the building of the Methodist Church, the public library, waterworks and other community activities.

Today the Tyson Temple Methodist Church, the Tyson Library and Tyson Waterworks are a living legacy of the hard work, dedication and devotion to family and friends of this industrialist, humanitarian, philanthropist and native son of Versailles, Indiana - James Tyson, "Uncle Jim" as he was affectionately called.

Uncle Jim died on November 1, 1941, and is buried in Cliff Hill Cemetery in Versailles.



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