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Search Engines

Following are some of the more popular search engines for the Internet. Simply click on the icon/logo to link to the respective search engine. For more details on searching, see below.




Searching the Worldwide Web

Searching the Internet - First, it must be understood that just because you assume information is on the internet, does not make it so. Keep in mind, that if publishers have a copyright on information, or they place a high dollar value on the information, they are NOT going to give it away! The internet is good for current news or government and commercial information. The internet is not necessarily good for historical data or comprehensive studies.

When searching the worldwide web, be clear as to where you are getting information.

  • Is a website's source clearly identifiable?
  • Do you trust the source?
  • Is any biographical or organizational information available on the author of the website?
  • Has the website received any awards?
  • How current is the information?
  • Is a website update date clearly noted?
  • Bottom line, if you do not know the source of data... be suspicious!

    How do search engines work?

    It is important to understand how search engines work.

  • Why do you get different results using different engines while looking for the same thing?
  • What are the search techniques?
  • What is boolean logic?
  • How are results listed/displayed?
  • A comprehensive catalog of (and link to) available search engines can be found at Search Engine Watch .

    In addition, the following websites provide good reviews of search engines and web searching basics.

    Boolean logic primer
    How search engines work
    Findspot helps & tips
    Learn the net; internet for beginners
    Technology terms

    Meta-search engines

    Meta-search engines provide the ability to search the web with multiple search engines in one combined search. Some of the more common meta-search engines are listed below with their key features. (click on logo to connect)



    You do need to understand how these meta-search engines work, since entering just one search strategy can have different results within the various specific search engines. In addition to the review sites mentioned in the search engine section (above), a good site for reviewing meta-search engines is Search Engine Watch.

    Specialty Search Engines

    Specialty search engines focus your search of the web to a unique or special topic. There are hundreds of specialty search

    Some specific specialty search engines:

    FirstGov - searches only U.S. Government information
    Access Indiana - searches only Indiana information

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