Library E-mail Alerts



Using Library E-mail Alerts you can receive e-mail from the library notifying you of item loans that are coming due and items that are overdue. In addition you can be notified that your library card is about to expire.  And, you will be notified when an item you requested is available.  Here are some features of e-mail alerts:

All the above features of library e-mail alerts will begin automatically for you if the library has your e-mail address.  Contact the library - - if you want to sign up for e-mail alerts or if you are not sure the library has your correct e-mail address. (see privacy note below)

Every account at the library can receive e-mail alerts as long as the account has an e-mail address assigned.  You can use the same e-mail address for multiple accounts (family members).  But, if a parent has an e-mail address on file, the library will NOT automatically assign this e-mail address to the child's account without parental approval.  IF you want to receive alerts for your child (library accounts for those under the age of 16) you must inform the library of the appropriate e-mail address.



Uncomfortable about giving out your e-mail address?

In the tradition of public libraries and in keeping with patron confidentiality,
it is the policy of Tyson Library not to sell, trade, or make available
patron personal information to any outside company or organization.

Tyson Library, Versailles, IN