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James H. Tyson

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Searching the Tyson Library
Public Access Catalog

You can search the Tyson Library's Polaris PAC (Public Access Catalog) to locate items in the library's collection. You can focus your search by author, title, subject, publisher, keyword, series or genre. The default search mode when the Polaris PAC opens is keyword searching. Clicking on the following links will jump you through these instructions. For more detailed instruction, consult the Polaris PAC help feature.

Keyword Search

 Browse Search
Viewing Title Information Request a Title to be Held How to Use Your  Patron Account

Keyword search

A keyword search looks for exact matches to the text you type in the field you choose. The search results are items that include your text in the chosen field.

  1. Click Keyword on the search menu bar. (this search mode will be automatically displayed when opening the catalog.)
  2. Type the text you want to look for in the "Keyword Search" box.
  3. Select a field to search in the "Search By" box. (this is optional, the default is to search thoughout the complete database)
  4. Click, GO

The search results are displayed. (see View Title Information for more details.)

Browse search

A browse search looks in a selected index of the library catalog (such as a list of authors) and displays the portion of the index that begins with the text you entered. You can scroll through the index to see the previous and next items.
When you browse the author, subject or series index you can select headings to display the associated titles. When you browse the title index, titles are displayed directly.

  1. Click Browse on the Search menu bar.
  2. Type the text in the "Browse search for" box.
  3. Select an index in the "Search by" box (optional)
  4. Click GO

The search results are displayed. If you selected Author, Subject or Series in step #3, select a heading to display the titles associated with the heading. (see View more title information, below, for details)

View more title information

You can see more information about any title listed in the search results.

Request a title be held

You can request an item be held for you to be picked up at the library.

  1. When a title is displayed on the screen, click Place Request.
  2. When prompted, type your library barcode number in the Barcode Number box. (This is the 14-digit number on the back of your library card. It is NOT the library card number on the front of the card)
  3. Type your password in the Password box. (If you do not know your password check with the Library - click this link for more information on passwords)
  4. Click Submit Request
  5. If you see Log Out in the menu bar, click it before you leave the computer.

Your request will be sent to the Library and you will be called when the item is available.

Tyson Library, 325 W. Tyson St., Versailles, IN 47042 - 812-689-5894 - tysonlib@seidata.com